A few years ago Bill Gates said the following: “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Thus, this post is meant to focus on the fundamentals of user needs.

What’s the most important thing about a product?

The users are the ones who have to interact with the hardware or software. Many products are developed by an experienced team, but it often happens that one side, e.g. the technical one, takes the lead and thus shifts the focus of the product. A high-tech product does not have to be bad, but depending on the user group it can lead to dislike / rejection.

There are…

How to simulate limited disk space condition via Xcode.

The Intro

We received reports from one of our medical clients, that their app was crashing to the device menu during the export of a bigger number of measurements. When we initially tried to analyze this behaviour in a simulator, we were not able to reproduce it. We then noticed that the pdf file created in the process could have the size of a couple hundred megabytes, as every measurement adds about 800 kb to the document. Meaning a series of one measurement per day for a full year results in a monstrous file of around 290 mb. Therefore, we assumed the…

QA is a risk-mitigating business

In this article, we will explore what QA professionals can learn from the science behind our perception of risk, and why mitigating risks is such a challenge for many.

The core business of Quality Assurance as we all know is not to show the absence of defects but to reduce risks for our product, service or program. So why do Teams tend to cut short on QA when it comes down to the wires before release?

Well, turns out, our human brains are actually evolutionary bad at assessing risks. …

Alexander Trommen, CEO of Appsfactory

In today’s blog post, I have the pleasure of interviewing Alexander Trommen, CEO of Appsfactory GmbH.

We talk about Quality Assurance, Quality Management Systems, risk aversiveness, and how our attention to quality through our new QA department makes us a key differentiator vis-à-vis our competitors.

If you are interested in working for or with the Appsfactory, please visit our website: https://www.appsfactory.de

I hope you enjoy this article and I am looking forward to reading your comments below!

Raphaël Reiter, Quality consultant, Appsfactory

What is quality?

Alexander Trommen: That’s a good question.

Ultimately, I think for me, the technical answer would be that quality…

iOS 14, coming out Fall of 2020

Why you should test Beta OS versions for your app

Today, I would like to try and illustrate the importance of testing beta OS versions for your app, and why we take it very seriously at our agency.

We will break down the article in 3 points:

  1. Early adopters and user expectation: ride that wave!
  2. New behaviours can be a source of problem that can break your app
  3. Mitigating risks

Early adopters and user expectation: ride that wave!

Developing an app takes a lot of energy, commitment, investment in time and money. …

My wife calls me the popcorn husband. For a few months now, I have also been called popcorn dad.

Is this because I radiate a beautiful and delicious buttery scent mixed with smoky roasted corn flavours?

Well, yes, this is true.

But also, it is because I have as much patience as a corn kernel in a puddle of hot butter. (That’s a fun sentence to say 10 times really fast)

I am impatient. I know it, and I don’t have the patience to talk about it.

Some people may call it ADHD, ADD, HD, DVD, PHD… It doesn’t matter.

A test automation Engineer in the morning….

Usually when running a test automation suite, the biggest concern is to have unreliable tests. At the beginning, business interest is high, expectations are formulated. Over time, stability becomes a bigger concern from sprint to sprint until they are abandoned and QA resorts to “just checking manually, to make sure”, thus leading to a greater increase of work load, endangering the project’s timeline. Avoiding these pitfalls should help you make your mobile Testing a success story and help you develop your service from a position of comfort, rather than failed expectations.

Mission Statement

Be clear on what you are testing! People tend…

An ISO-13485 Story by Christian German

Germans (no pun intended) like regulating things. So, when a company starts expanding into the field of medical software, you need to follow these regulations. It was no small surprise when I found out the International Organization for Standardization is based in Switzerland. Well at least they speak German, so my first point is still valid.

This story revolves around ISO-13485 and its implementation at Appsfactory. This ISO regulates, as you could probably guess by now, medical devices and the connected quality management. As a digital agency, we are developing solutions for customers. Since…

QA af!

Stories from Appsfactory’s QA Department

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